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STEM Events
FIRST Lego League Challenge
August 2013
This year's theme is "Nature's Fury!" Students (age 9-14) will begin their FLL practices in late August to prepare for the upcoming local challenges. If you are interested in signing up for the FLL team, email
Fall After School Programs
September 2013
This fall Ranch Hills Elementary in Phillips Ranch and Heights Christian Elementary in Chino Hills will be offering K-6 robotics programs after-school starting in September. We're excited to welcome these new schools to our program!
Michael O.
Age 9, Future Doctor
Michael has built many robots during his weekend classes, including the drumming monkey and mechanical praying mantis! Congrats to Michael for recently graduating from Jr. STEM!
Letter to Parents
An all-girls team in Chennai, India with their "Robotic Dancing Flower" which uses a distance center to make the petals "dance" when their "sun" is near!
Dear STEM Center Families,
We hope your summer is going well! The end of the last school year finished wonderfully with a sumo challenge at Rhodes Elementary in Chino and a Renewable Energy finale at Quail Summit Elementary in Diamond Bar. This July we held camps at the Top Learning Center - Chino Hills and TIPS South Hill Academy in West Covina. We are very excited to be reaching more students throughout Southern California!
Lavanya and I just returned from a three week trip to India where we hosted several robotics camps. It was such an amazing opportunity to work with students internationally and bring our very own STEM Center USA materials to hundreds of students abroad.
FIRST Lego League season is around the corner. We have a team registered – let us know if you would like your child to participate in the "Nature's Fury!" themed challenge. Let's spread the word of fun, hands-on STEM education!
Best Regards,
STEM Opens Two New Centers in India
STEM Center USA is extremely pleased to announce its two new centers! We welcome STEM Center Kochi and STEM Center Chennai to the family! These new centers launched their grand openings with multiple successful workshops reaching hundreds of students. Some students even traveled over 60 km (roughly 40 mi) to attend! Students were able to create their own robots from scratch and discover renewable sources, such as wind and solar energy. Congrats to the new franchisees and we wish you the best of luck! If you are located near Kochi or Chennai be sure to check out the new facilities and sign up for some classes!
Discover Energy students after testing their solar powered parking barriers in Kochi, India
Featured Courses
Creative Robotics aka Artobotics!
Creative Robotics is a very unique program that combines robotics with arts and crafts activities. Merging technology and tradition, students bring life to their creations by connecting sensors and motors to recyclable materials. To program their robots, a Hummingbird Microcontroller is used to interface with software such as CMU's Visual Programmer, UC Berkeley's SNAP!, as well as Python.
Discover Renewable Energy
In this course, students are exposed to various renewable energy sources. Students build and experiment with circuits, solar power, wind energy, and fuel cells through multiple projects such as a wind turbine, solar car, and hand generator. Check out this program to learn more about sustainability and the technologies of tomorrow!

For more information on these courses, please call or email!
Guided Discovery Pedagogy
Real learning occurs when the learner is immersed in a situation, required to perform, given feedback and provided chances to adjust their decisions. Our Guided Discovery approach provides such an interactive and engaging learning environment where students experience their own eureka moments as they "reinvent the wheel." Making mistakes is an integral part of the learning process – remember, the only wrong path is not trying.
Cal Poly Robot Rally
STEM Center Robotics Teams at the 7th Annual Robot Rally, Cal Poly Pomona
Vejar Elementary (Walnut) students during a break with Instructor Darren
STEM Center USA was thrilled to participate in Cal Poly Pomona's 7th Annual Robot Rally. With over 850 students, the event was full of high-energy teams! There were over 150 STEM Center students among various schools including Country Springs, Vejar, and TIPS South Hill Academy. Thanks for a great event CPP!
Outstanding STEM Students
Kevin Ting
Diamond Ranch, Age 15
Kevin's exceptional designing ability coupled with communication forte breaks engineering stereotypes. His helpful nature permeates through as a popular mentor for younger students. He is experienced with LEGO, Fischertechnik, and VEX!
Dwarak Reddy
Claremont High, Age 15
Dwarak's creative, inquisitive nature and thirst for knowledge has rapidly driven him through STEM Center programs for 7+ years. Always problem-solving and looking for a new challenge, Dwarak still finds time to serve as a mentor for local students.
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