School Programs

Actively Enrolling For:

We offer in-school and after-school programs at local schools within a 15 mile radius of our centers. Depending on the schools' needs, we can provide 6-8 week after-school programs, professional development and training, or special workshops.

Current School Partners:
  • Chaparral Elementary, Claremont
  • Foothill Country Day School, Claremont
  • St. Joseph's School, Upland
  • United Christian Academy, Rancho Cucamonga
  • Western Christian School, Claremont
Recent Special Workshops/Events:
  • Circuit Card Workshop - Condit Elementary, Claremont
  • Family Coding Night - Claremont Educational Foundation
  • littleBits Workshop - Teacher Training, Claremont Unified School District
  • Circuit Cards Workshop - Teacher Training, Claremont Unified School District
Want to Bring Something to Your School?

We'd love to come to your school! We are fully booked for Fall 2019 and actively scheduling for Spring 2020. To best set something up at your school, we will need to meet with the schools' principal or administrator. Parents, your suggestions to the school help us get in the door! Let your teachers/administration know that you are interested in robotics classes. Once we have the best contact information, we can reach out to your school and set up a demo. Contact us if you'd like to bring the program to your school!