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Educator recommended. Kid loved. Parent approved.

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Educator recommended. Kid loved. Parent approved.

Trusted by parents

STEM Center USA is a constant source of education and inspiration for my children. The staff are dedicated, caring, and completely devoted to providing a rich experience for all students; we are ever so grateful!

Monse P.
Parent — kids ages 6, 9, 10, 14

My three children have been with STEM Center USA for seven years. The staff and programs have been exceptional and constantly engage, challenge, entertain, educate, and foremost inspire creativity and curiosity in technology.

Praveena R.
Parent — kids ages 9, 11, 12

STEM Center USA has excited our boys about science and technology. Our boys bring what they learn at the Center and apply the same principals at home. The Center makes learning fun and they look forward to Mondays at STEM!

Brandon I.
Parent — kids ages 6 and 9

Trusted by educators

The Jawa sisters are a dynamic duo leading the charge in STEM education and we are so pleased to have an invaluable partnership with them. They are a wonderful resource for us – everything from curriculum to teacher trainings.

Shanna F.
STEM Academy Director
United Christian Academy

Given the chaos that comes with this global pandemic, it was amazing to have the Migrant Education Program that was well-prepared and student-centered. The instructors were patient and ready to give one-on-one support.

Courtney C.
Migrant Ed Teacher
Bakersfield Unified School District

STEM Center USA is an outstanding supporter of STEM educational opportunities in Claremont schools and a generous sponsor of the Claremont Educational Foundation’s annual, fun, hands-on Family Coding Night event.

Nicole O.
CEF Past President
Claremont Educational Foundation

Trusted by students

I enjoy coming to STEM Center because of the building and programming. I do a lot of projects and make my robots move, play sounds, and change colors.

Anastasia H.
2nd Grade

There are not many places like this. I can learn knowledge that I am interested in that will also help me in the future. 

Wyatt S.
7th Grade

I like STEM because of the creative projects and fun learning. I really love the instructors who are funny, nice, and helpful!

Evangeline D.
5th Grade

Featured on ABC’s Shark Tank

STEM Center USA was featured on Season 7, Episode 6 of ABC’s Shark Tank. Melissa and Lavanya received two offers from Chris Sacca and Lori Greiner.

I see in you guys something I think is really important to women. I think both of you are extremely impressive. I like what you’re doing, and I like the concept.
Lori Greiner
There’s a big thirst for material like this [...] there’s something deeply mission-driven behind you guys.
Chris Sacca

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