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Hybrid, Engaging, Accessible, Responsive, Teacher-Facilitated Learning

HEART Learning is a hybrid classroom approach that brings expert, interactive instructors into classrooms - meeting students where they are and creating engaging, live learning experiences. By breaking the constraints of location, we address teacher shortages and bring in new learning opportunities. Whether a school is in a rural area or the center of an urban city, all students will have access to new classes. To address the needs of individual students, we curate responsive instructors and curriculum. And through the power of collaboration, teacher-facilitated classrooms support students and teachers alike. Our model transcends disciplines. HEART Learning can be implemented with art, language, dance, STEM subjects, and more. The options are limitless.

Why HEART Learning works

HEART Learning is a unique hybrid model that brings a highly-trained, interactive expert instructor into every classroom, creating an engaging learning experience for each student. HEART Learning provides equal access for students with flexible and convenient options for remote learning, without sacrificing hands-on, live engagement.

Improved Accessibility
Real-Time Interaction
Responsive and Adaptable
Stress-Free Planning
Tailored Solutions

Improved Accessibility

Remote instructors reach more students simultaneously defying geographical boundaries.

Real-Time Interaction

Students experience live instruction and students share their work for immediate feedback.


Our bilingual English and Spanish team adjusts lessons to cater to your unique student needs.

Stress-Free Planning

We provide everything: standards-aligned curriculum, materials, and expert instruction.

Tailored Solutions

We listen to your needs then create customized programs to meet your unique requirements.

Impact of HEART Learning

Over the last three years, we've used HEART Learning to reach students across the country. Our programs are data-driven and are proven to impact students positively. Students take pre- and post-assessments for all programs to ensure positive development. Our reach grows every day.

7224 students
since 2020

28 partners
across 5 states

300 programs
4600+ instructional hours


Bringing in expert, virtual instructors

Our hybrid programs meet students where they are at through HEART learning, offering live, interactive expert instruction to students in their classrooms. This format expands program reach efficiently and supports individual student needs.

HEART Learning in action (Hydrid) - Students sharing their completed projects in the classroom.


Real-time, hands-on experiences

Our program enhances learning through live demonstrations, workshops, and hands-on projects, providing all necessary materials in small stackable boxes for students to take home. Our instructors provide real-time interaction with students, making learning dynamic and engaging by responding to questions and offering on-the-spot feedback.


Reaching students anywhere, at any time

Our programs create equitable opportunities for all TK-12 students with flexible and convenient options for remote learning.

A student example of the Self-Pride and Cultural Diorama VR project.


Curating instructors and curricula

We continuously adapt to the unique needs of each student based on their backgrounds, upbringings, culture, and learning needs.


Allowing teachers to focus on students’ needs

We provide materials and trained instructors, enabling teachers to focus on freely interacting with, monitoring, and assisting their students during each lesson, ensuring high educational standards.

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