Q. How do I sign up?

A All interested and new families should call or email us to set up a free orientation and tour. The orientation allows you and your child to come see STEM Center, learn about our courses, and receive a folder with more information on schedules and payment plans.

We do not allow registrations online until we have met your family. This allows us to meet your family, recommend an appropriate starting class, and explain our teaching pedagogy. Seeing the center is the best way for you to understand our process more. Please call us at 909-624-0624 or email us at info@STEMCenterUSA.com

Q. What is the annual membership?

A The annual membership is our most popular membership plan! It is currently offered at $1295 for Junior STEM and $1395 for Discover STEM. The annual membership includes 43 sessions. It only counts towards attended sessions, so any absences and holidays are added on to the end of the program. This makes it the most flexible plan! Because course fees depend upon level and materials necessary, the minimum savings with an annual membership is $600! As our instructors like to say, gym memberships keep your body fit - STEM memberships keep your mind active, enriches creativity, and engages students in an education like none other. Truly, it's worth it.

Q. Do you have summer camps?

A Yes! We offer summer camps at Claremont McKenna, Cal Poly Pomona, and STEM Center - Rancho Cucamonga. You can find more information about your camps on the "Programs" tab of our website.

Q. Do you work with homeschool families?

A Yes we do! We have dedicated morning hours for homeschooling families and are a vendor for several networks in the area.

Q. My child already took a robotics class in school. Where will they start?

A Great! With more and more robotics and coding classes available, as well as online resources, many students come in with past experience. If the robotics program was through our center, just let us know which program it was and we'll place your child appropriately. If the class was through a different program, we will discuss a good starting point during the orientation and tour.

We over 30+ different courses, our diverse range of classes accommodate any child's experience and age. Furthermore, our classes are individualized. This means students work at their own pace, allowing students to be consistently engaged and challenged.

Q. What is the minimum age for my child to participate?

A The Junior STEM center program is available for children as young as 5 years old! It's never to early to be an engineer -- in fact, the earlier your child starts, the better!

Q. My child wants to compete. What's available?

A STEM Center USA hosts its annual robotics competition called Roboreka. Roboreka is open to students in 3rd - 12th grade, and takes place in April/May. In addition, our middle and high school students also take part in the VEX Robotics Competition.

Q. So many course options! Where does my child start?

A Starting level is dependent upon age, grade, and experience level. We offer introductory courses for students new to STEM and robotics. We also have classes designed for those that have more experience. When you come in for the orientation, we will go through our Course List and recommend some options. It is our main priority to start students in a course that reinforces fundamentals, but also provides the perfect amount of challenge.

Q. I want my child to do robotics at your center but your center is too far. What other locations are available?

A We currently have a center in Claremont, CA. A second location will be opening in Rancho Cucamonga in April 2019. We also provide in-school and after-school programs to schools and districts within LA County and the Inland Empire. If you are interested in bringing robotics to your school, please email info@STEMCenterUSA.com and/or call 909-624-0624.

Q. Are you a vendor for any homeschool charters/networks?

A Yes! We are a vendor for: California Enrichment Academy, Excel, Inspire, Golden Valley, Valiant, Sage Oak, Sky Mountain, and Springs.

Don't see your homeschool listed? Send an email to info@STEMCenterUSA.com and we'll submit the appropriate paperwork!