Instructor Spotlight: Ms. Carissa

February 29, 2024

Carissa is our Texas-based multi-talented team member, who joined the team in March 2022. From STEM Instructor to Social Media Coordinator to Conference team member, she's been actively involved in sharing our STEM programs nationwide.

Introducing Carissa! Carissa started with us as a Virtual STEM instructor in 2022 teaching Early STEM, VR and CAD! She has since grown into her role as our Social Media Coordinator, helping us increase our online reach and share our work. She is also a part of our conference team and participates in sharing our STEM programs with educators nationwide. We believe in growing our team from within and love elevating team members like Carissa!

Direct quote from Ms. Carissa: "It's incredibly rewarding to be part of a women-led company that is so passionate about empowering students of all ages to learn and help."

Carissa is based in San Antonio, Texas and working on her MBA at the University of Texas at San Antonio. Working towards a career in Marketing, she is set to graduate with her Masters this Spring 2024!

Learn more about Carissa by reading on!

What do you enjoy most about your work?

“I love seeing the incredible impact our company has on students, whether in person or online. It's heartwarming to watch students smiling and having fun while learning. Being part of sharing these moments and helping our company reach more people is truly amazing!”

Share why you love working with STEM Center USA.

“I love working with STEM Center USA because of its mission to inspire the next generation. It's the kind of company I wish existed when I was a kid, making learning fun and exciting!”

What have you learned in your time on our team in your position(s)? How has this helped you personally or professionally?

“As a STEM Instructor, I found my passion for the company, bringing joy to students through STEM topics. I gained expertise in both engineering concepts and teaching, boosting my creativity and problem-solving skills for online instruction."

As the Social Media Coordinator, I've had the chance to improve my marketing skills while exploring brand management. It's been an exciting journey, learning how to craft engaging content and showcase our company's creativity to connect with our community.

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