Instructor Spotlight: Mr. Eduardo

December 7, 2023

Eduardo joined our team as a MEP Instructor in June 2021. He is also a Mechanical Engineering student at the University of Houston working towards supporting a more sustainable and greener future. Eduardo is a star on our team and has taught dozens of classes virtually.

What is your major, university, and future work goals?

I am majoring in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Houston, and my main work goal is to contribute towards a more sustainable and greener future. I aspire to do this by working in different industries and improving products’ environmental impact.

What does being a Migrant STEM Instructor mean to you?

I am a second-generation American who grew up with migrant students. I saw and experienced struggles that migrant students face, including having little to no exposure to STEM careers.

So, being a migrant STEM instructor means a lot to me because I provide information that will help and introduce the students to new perspectives.

What have you learned in your time as an instructor? How has this helped you personally
or professionally?

I have learned a lot as an instructor. Principally, I have learned how unique everyone is, yet how much potential everyone has. Being a STEM instructor has also helped me personally and professionally, such as by improving my confidence in my presentation and public speaking skills. This has given me the practice and confidence to teach calculus workshops at my university.

It has also made me consider pursuing careers and further education in industries I had never
thought of such as education and management.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

“You never stop learning” is a quote that represents many things I enjoy about working with students. I enjoy teaching the students new things and seeing their reactions when they complete or understand the material. I enjoy seeing when students that don’t regularly participate, raise their hands, and share with the class. I also enjoy learning from all the different perspectives the students have.

Share a personal experience during your time as a Migrant STEM instructor that stands
out to you.

One time that stands out to me, as a STEM instructor, was teaching one of my 3rd to 4th-grade summer classes. This was one of the largest classes I worked with, but every student was always excited and ready to share something with my co-instructor and me. We would always have a few students log in up to 10 minutes before class and tell us about their day or plans. Once class started, they would pay attention, work on the assignment, and be excited to share with everyone. Observing the joy and interests of every student reminded me of my childhood and how excited I would be to share what I learned in school with my parents and siblings. All of this made me realize how beautiful childhood is and how much potential everyone has.

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