Instructor Spotlight: Mr. Alan

February 7, 2024

Mr. Alan joined our team in January 2023 and has been a Discover STEM Instructor at both our Claremont and Rancho locations ever since. Alan is a Computer Science student at Cal State Fullerton working towards a career in website development.

Meet Mr. Alan! Alan is a Discover STEM team instructor working with 3rd - 8th grade students. In addition to working at both our Southern California STEM Centers, Alan has led and supported multiple summer camps including our special “Robotics with Lego Spike Prime” summer camp for 3rd - 5th graders.

Direct quote from Mr. Alan: "The overall culture and attitude of everyone at the STEM center is always positive and encouraging."

Alan teaches a range of classes including Lego robotics, Virtual Reality, Spike Prime, CAD, and Scratch!

Alan is currently studying computer science at Cal State Fullerton. Previously, he attended Chaffey College and Citrus College. Alan is working towards a career in web design and development. He has already created two sites for budding film directors and is always tinkering with more on the way.

Learn more about Mr. Alan by reading on!

What do you enjoy most about your work?
I very much enjoy getting to talk and form relationships with the students. They love to share about what’s going on in their weeks, and I get to share a little too! I also enjoy solving challenging pieces of code or builds alongside students and encouraging them to think hard!

Share why you love working with STEM Center USA.

"The overall culture and attitude of everyone at the STEM center is always positive and encouraging."

What have you learned in your time on our team in your position(s)? How has this helped you personally or professionally?

“I learned how to be better at multitasking and being quick on my feet. This has helped me in the center to be attentive to multiple students and to make sure [no one ever feels] unheard. This has also helped in other areas such as school, since I have so much to do and manage.”

We love working with Mr. Alan and our inspirational team. We look forward to supporting his bright future both in and out of the classroom and STEM Center!

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